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Generic Code

Generic code is a special unformatted text Object.
Unlike Titles and Text, Generic code will be passed to
the Browser or SVG viewer unmodified. The Generic Code
format is consequently best suited to adding Banners,
HTML, SVG, Scripts or other code that needs to be
used without any modification.

You can create a Generic Code Object by selecting the blue
Code button on the Component Toolbar to the left. This
will open the text editor with a subset of available
commands. You can also double click an existing Code
Object or import code by selecting the File Open menu
while in the Text Editor.

To edit this code double click this Text now.

IMS does not perform any error checking on the code.
Care should consequently be taken to ensure that the
code is valid. Errors when you Preview or Publish your
project are often caused by invalid code.

A code Object can be targeted to a specific export format.
This code is HTML and will cause problems if published
in an SVG document. In the drop box at the top right,
you can select "Generic Code", "Generic HTML" or "Generic SVG". Generic Code
will be exported to all formats. HTML and SVG Code Objects
will only be exported to their respective formats and will
be hidden when The Work Window displays the other format
in the Target Format drop box on the Preview Toolbar at
the top right. There is an SVG version of this Code Object
On this page. To see it, exit this editor and select
Auto SVG from the Target Format drop box above the red
arrow. When you select any SVG format, this HTML code Object
will be hidden and the SVG code Object will become visible.

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