The Work Window is an active surface upon which you can add, position and transform the elements that comprise your web content page. The window provides numerous aids to assist you.

If you are not able to see these instructions while performing the operations, select this Text Object and move it with your mouse to keep the relevant instructions in view.

Guide Options

On the File toolbar underneath the main menu are several Guide toggle switches. These can be used to turn the edit aides and guides on and off. These are:
  1. The Quick Editor used to edit the current Object. Set a precise Position, Scale, Skew and Rotation. You can also change the Objects Geometry and Shading.
  2. The Target Display guide will display a dashed blue line at the resolution you are designing for.
  3. The Grid Guide will display guide lines at 10 pixel increments.
  4. The Snap Grid will cause the mouse to jump at 10 pixel increments to help in alignment operations.
  5. The Ruler toggle will turn the rulers on and off.
  6. The Ruler Tab guides will cause a dashed green line to be displayed in the work window at the current tab positions. Use the Align toolbar to snap the current Object to the closest horizontal or vertical tab position.
Alignment Options
There are a number of different ways to align objects.
  • Create a tab stop. Now place an object in the page and click either the left or the right align function (icon on the bottom of the screen). The object will move flush against the tab stop.
  • add another object to the work-window and move the first object away from the tab stop. Create a temporary group by dragging your mouse around the two object. Again select the Align function. This time the two objects will align themselves with each other. Click again and both objects will align to the tab stop.
  • add yet another object to the work-window and move the first two objects near the third. Again select all the objects. Now go to the Arrange toolbar and select Space > up/down. Now the objects will be equal distant from each other. Experiment with some of the other options under the Arrange menu
  • Enable the Snap-to grid (top tool bar) and experiment with moving the objects around the page.
  • Enable the Grid Guide (top tool-bar) for a visual reference.
Tool Options
  • At the top left corner where the rulers intersect is a button to open the Tool Options Dialog (see the Red Arrow). This dialog provides the same operations as the Guide buttons and can also adjust the resolution of the snap grid and guide and change the freehand drawing resolution for the Polygon tool.
  • Along the Top and Left edges are rulers that display the current pixel position of your mouse. The exact position is also displayed numerically on the status bar at the bottom of the work window. In addition to being used as visual aids, the rulers can be used to create tab stops to align Objects along their left, right, top or bottom edges.
  • To create a Tab stop click on the ruler at the location you wish a tab stop to appear. Use your mouse to select and move a Tab stop. Up to 10 Tab positions per ruler can be created. Tab stops will be saved with the current project.

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